Take The Happiness Quotient Calculator To See Where You Are

Ever wonder just how happy you are?  If you take the happiness quiz, you may be surprised at the results. Think about this…

You have a right to feel happy.  You deserve to feel happy and live a fulfilling life. Don’t settle for less. If you’re wondering if you’re happy, this fact alone might tell you something.

Just like a sleepy person doesn’t wonder if they’re sleepy, a happy person doesn’t wonder if they’re happy.

Happiness is a state that you inhabit. When you’re angry, you don’t stop to wonder if you’re doing it right or if there’s more anger you could muster. No, you merely inhabit anger. Happiness should be the same way. It’s okay to not feel happy sometimes. It’s when you chronically feel downbeat that something’s got to change.

Happiness can be tracked down and found. It’s a byproduct of experiences. Your relationships. Your work. Your spiritual life. Your health. All kinds of circumstances contribute to your happiness AND your success. This blog is dedicated to giving you the information, tips, tricks and tools to experience so you can concentrate on building your business or career.

Take the Happiness Quotient Calculator with our custom quiz now.

Think of this calculator like a ladder. The bottom is to the left – it’s the lowest on the ladder. All the way to the right marks the ladder’s highest rung. Low (1) means unhappy. High (6) means happy. Simply drag the slider to match the number of your happiness.

After you have answered all 29 questions, press the Calculate Score button. You’ll get a confidential, on-the-spot happiness score. Explore the blog. You’ll find ways to increase your happiness and boost your business.

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