Vicki  is the teambuilding mastermind that every business that is looking to grow needs today. Vicki received the prestigious Certified Speaking Professional (CSP) designation—an honor bestowed upon fewer than 7% of the 5,000 speakers (and very few women) belonging to the International Federation of Professional Speakers.

Vicki knows what it is like to struggle.  She has overcome hardships in her life by applying principals she created for herself.  You see, Vicki struggled before becoming a successful keynote speaker.  In her own words, she describes the struggle she encountered that helped her become a popular speaker.

She says, “I never would have thought I would become a successful keynote speaker. I grew up with a gracious mother and an articulate, loving father. I didn’t inherit their good communication genes. Here’s what I mean. At Lake Highlands High School, I was without question THE worst student in Speech class. I felt nervous, panic-y and self-conscious. Almost always, I’d get so anxious, I’d forget my speech!

Even worse, I didn’t have friends. I didn’t know how to make conversation.  I didn’t even understand the advice to “just be yourself” or know how to even fit in. I felt so uncomfortable, I skipped senior year (high school was tough) and headed to college.

But, get this! After a lot of hard work, five years later, I was anchoring TV news in Dallas, Texas. I interviewed U.S. Presidents, business titans, professional athletes and movie stars! Then, things got even better! Zig Ziglar, the world’s top motivational speaker, hired me as his publicist. Zig admired my creativity and launched my speaking career! Me!

As a keynote speaker, I teach people what I’ve learned – how to have crucial “people skills”, how to be hard on yourself so the world will be easier on you, how to risk enough to get ahead, and how to exude a positive attitude.

I travel the world to conferences, walk alone into crowded hotel ballrooms, start conversations, and make friends.

Corporations book me to teach their people to represent their company well, work together and thrive, give great service and get more done. I’m good at it and I love it! I still look back and think what a miracle of a life I have today.”

Life ends up to be what you make of it.  But you need the skills and knowledge to change your life for the better.  I know the techniques I created for myself work because my books have been best sellers and I still receive feedback from speeches I gave 10 years ago that my words helped to change people’s lives.


Be thoughtful as you select your friends.Find people who aim high, think positively, genuinely care about you and make you laugh. Do the same for them. – Quote from my best selling, Attitude Is Everything Book

Some jobs don’t need to be done well. Some jobs just need to get done. Start! – Quote from my best selling Stuck On Stop Book.